Tri-Star Gases Team

Jack R. Renouf

Co-Founder and President Mr. Jack Renouf has over 50 years of industry experience. His key area of expertise is creating and directing organizations that service the industrial gas industry in southern California. Mr. Renouf has founded and sold highly successful gas distributorships in southern California on three different occasions during his career. The three distributors that Mr. Renouf ran were Renox, Inc., Imperial Welding Supply, and Five Star Gas and Gear, Mr. Renouf has also served as a Vice President in the industry's trade association, GAWDA.

Roy R. Renouf

Founder and Vice President Mr. Roy Renouf has over 13 years of management, operations and financial experience in the industrial gas industry. Prior to founding Tri-Star Mr. Renouf served as a zone controller Matheson Tri-gas where he served as the zone controller for Matheson's western business units with total revenue budgets at $170 Million. His experiences at Matheson encompass budgeting, financial planning, market strategies and mergers & acquisitions.

Mr. Renouf began his career in the industry at Five Star Gas and Gear located in Southern California. He became the CFO of Five Star in 2003. During his time as CFO Mr. Renouf implemented key controls and established good business practices that enabled Five Star to grow its annual revenue from $8 Million to $17 Million over a 5 year period. Mr. Renouf holds a Master's Degree of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University.

Greg Magro

Co-Founder and Salesman Greg Magro began his career at the age of 21 in the San Gabriel Valley and worked continuously in sales for the last 30 years in the San Gabriel Valley. Mr. Magro brings a wealth of product knowledge and expertise to the company. Mr. Magro has large following of customers located in Monrovia, Irwindale, El Monte, San Gabriel and City of Industry who will want to continue doing business with him.

Michael A. Montano

Co-Founder and Salesman Michael Montano was introduced to this industry in 1986 filling cylinders and driving trucks. Mr. Montano later moved to sales covering Orange County. As one of the co-founders of Five Star Gas and Gear, Mike has hands-on experience scratch starting a new company. Mr. Montano will be bringing on all of his accounts as customers of Tri-Star Gases around September 21st.